Welcome to My Art Site

Art of Joy, Passion, Feeling Alive

The focus of my art is embodying the heart and soul.  When you are free to be who you really are and you give yourself the gift of being in your joy and doing the things you are passionate about, you feel alive.  This is my inspiration.  Art of body, heart and soul. I have had so much joy painting these and I hope that has come through.

Purchase Canvasses and Prints

(Size A4, A3, A2)

If you would like a print of any of the images in the gallery, please fill in this form and tell me the name of the image you would like and which size.  I will invoice you.  You can find the information for each image by clicking on it in the gallery.  The gallery will continue to be filled with more images.

Canvasses, Cushions, Cards etc

You can order the images printed onto canvass or various other forms such as greeting cards via Red Bubble by following this link.  They will take payment and post it to you.  Some of the images are not available yet on red bubble or not available in all forms, but will be soon.

Buy An Original Artwork

Several of the paintings in the gallery are available for sale.  These are pastel paintings. Original paintings have a "softer" appearance than prints and many have glittery, shimmery colours which catch the light from different angles. If there is one that you are interested in let me know via email here.  Some of them are located in Australia and some in England but they can be posted.  They are framed behind glass.

Want Tracy To Paint For You?

I love to do personal paintings for people.  Original paintings are softer than prints and often have glittery shimmery colours which catch the light from different angles.  They will be very delicate until framed behind glass and will be about 50cm by 65/75cm wide.  Prices vary depending on what is required. Click here to see examples of Personal paintings.